Dreams is not what you see in sleep, is the thing which doesn't let you sleep! Fight for your DREAM!

"Most people think small because they are afraid of success, afraid of decisions, afraid of failure. Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again."

Hi, I am Vivian Ker, I was a software engineer attached in a MNC company. I was joined this business on May 2009 but I just spent 19 days (3 hours a day) and able to earned 5-figure income. Before this business, I only earned $3000++ in my career, but after doing this business, my 1st month income increased to $15,000!!! 6 months in this business, I had earned more than RM128,000. Now, I am full time in this business, monthly income not less than RM40,000. I NEVER NEVER thought that I can earn so much in my life!!! This is really GREAT for me!!! 

Before this business

I was a normal employee worked from 8am to 7pm and I had comfortable working environment.
But due to 2009 economic crisis, my company layoff 4 of the department heads. That was totally changed my thinking! I realised that JOB doesn't secure! With single source of income doesn't secure! I have to start my plan B... 

After this business

Education is NEVER ending business. Every child needs education ~ 

Conducted eLearning seminar in Sarawak and

interview by See Hua Daily News newspaper

Setup FIRST eLearning center and interview by United Daily News Newspaper

The FIRST chinese lady in eLearning business across 5-figures income and accumulated RM128k within 6 months as part time. 

Interview by Success Magazine

First Chinese lady had achieved 

Multi-Millionaire Club and spent 4 years in Online Education Business. 

Interview by New Life newspaper

Recognized as Top Leader by MLM Toper Asia in KL convention center


- Average annual group sales >USD1,000,000;

- Had expand to South East Asia country.

3 years in the business replaced with my 20 years of working life. If I want to get financial freedom, time freedom, spend more time with family, traveling, fame, respect, etc... I have to work hard at least 20 years as employee, until promote into top management level then only I can enjoy my life but I already reach retire age, how to enjoy?!

Finally, I followed my mentor Robert Kiyosaki's advice: go for business to get passive income, do not stay at Employee quadrant, work for someone and help someone to get rich but not you!

Yes, I work hard 3 years in my business and enjoy my life now.

"It depends whether you want to change your life or not, if you have ambition and desire, nothing can block your success... I already changed, how about you?"

If you are serious want to change your current life, ask me how!

Join us, we will teach/ guide you how to earn 5 figures income as part timer.

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